Deborah Armstrong & Company

Deborah Armstrong & Company creates textured sterling silver and 18K yellow gold jewelry with colorful gemstone accents. Each and every piece of jewelry has been hand-crafted and designed solely by DA&C. That means every piece of hardware, every clasp, every bezel is exclusive to this innovative company. Attention is paid to every detail including the backs of necklaces and bracelets which have cut out designs to complete the look of these artful pieces.

Deborah’s muse comes from such diverse inspirations as French pastries, medieval floor titles, architectural elements and mythological figures.

Gemstones have been collected from around the world; among them are amethyst and citrine from Brazil, turquoise from China, the United States and Africa, garnet from Sri Lanka, peridot from Burma, exotic druzies from India, pearls from Tahiti and opal from Peru. These gemstones are fashioned into unique creations; many of them are one-of-a- kind.

From the very beginning, Deborah developed a loyal following. She has been cited in the Los Angeles Times as a designer to watch. Her designs have been featured in many top fashion magazines and are now worn by such discerning women as Halle Berry, Jennifer Connelly Faith Hill, Heidi Klum, Susan Lucci, Diane Sawyer, Diane Von Furstenberg, Sharon Stone and Vanessa Williams.

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