"It has been wonderful working with your company. Your responses have been prompt and clear.
I love the DAC pieces I have, and, this transaction has absolutely solidified me as a faithful DAC customer.
I had a similar issue with another designer where a citrine became loose within just a few months.
The process of getting the stone re-set took forever and was a nightmare.
This experience has been a great example of excellent customer service." ~ Sheada M. Esquire, Dade City, FL

" I feel so fortunate to own Deborah's timeless and sophisticated jewelry
and I truly treasure each beautiful piece." ~ Barbara G., Chicago, IL

" I am so enjoying the necklace I purchased at the Crafts Fair at Lincoln Center. Every time I wear it I receive compliments all day long. Lots of attention! Thanks for creating such a beautiful piece." ~Jackie W., New York, NY

" I adore this necklace, and every time I wear it someone stops me to look at it! Happy Wife here in Dallas."$ - JoAnna C., Dallas, TX

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