Wear and Care

Sterling silver jewelry will tarnish over time. Ironically, the more you wear it, the less it tarnishes. When you aren’t wearing your jewelry, keep it in a tarnish-proof pouch or in a baggie. Also, save the silicone granule packets that come with shoes, handbags, electronics, etc. and throw them in the baggie with your jewelry.

NEVER DIP your sterling pieces. It will dull and pit the surface causing permanent damage. Polishing cloths will maintain your jewelry. For heavier cleaning, we recommend using a product called Goddard’s Silver Foam available at most supermarkets. Wet the sponge applicator with warm water and apply to the silver. Rub gently. If you have stones and/or pearls, avoid contact with the polish by holding your fingers over the gems to avoid abrasion. Rinse the entire piece in warm water, using a soft toothbrush to get into the crevices, again avoiding contact with the gems. In lieu of Goddard’s, you can use toothpaste in the same manner. Don’t use a whitening formula toothpaste as it has baking soda or peroxide which will further oxidize your jewelry.